The Writer Case Study

Writers go high tech

There is a common misconception that writing low-tech it’s as if it is expected to be OK with a pen and a piece of paper or perhaps just a laptop is sufficient.

In today’s modern world of digital marketing, this is far from true

Content is definitely now King

The content we produce and the writers we employ to create content in many different forms.

It is no longer simply the written word. Content may start off as a long-form article that is then reduced and summarised into blogs and then posted on websites like LinkedIn and Blogspot.

It is then translated into video and imagery. Images are posted on Instagram and then linked to the blog and so on. Content production needs high tech.

The content has a far-reaching digital journey.

One such company is bucking the IT norm for content companies.

The Writer is a London-based marketing agency who provide their linguistic talents to the UK corporate sector, working on a global level to help brands stand out and win business. They have worked with numerous well-known brands, including the BBC.

In 2016, The Writer was looking to upgrade their IP infrastructure to create a unified communications platform, to allow for easier expansion and collaboration in an ever-growing organisation.

ACCL engineers were tasked to remove all redundant equipment, reposition patch panels and then install all new IP switches. All existing wiring was tested and new fibre backbones were installed.

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