Optimising Your Content

We write content for a reason – to sell a service, product, attract traffic, increase brand awareness, the list is endless, but content creation is designed to lead to further action from the reader. The overall purpose is to make your company money. Click here for our writing services.

Backlinking your content

However, the content that has been created is almost pointless unless it has been optimised, this can be from using keywords to backlinking.

Backlinking has many benefits, one of them, and one of the most important is that it helps Google to index the new content.

Backlinking the content also helps its validity and makes it seem much more trustworthy. It can help readers to navigate across the site easily – the easier it is, the more likely they will use your business for the service you’re selling.

We recommend Vanilla Circus and their content marketing services – they are experts in the backlinking process. Find out more. Backlinking can be further optimised when both the anchor text and content of linking page reflect the theme of the content.

Gaining attention to both the business and content

Uploading the content to social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook helps to authenticate it, as well as generating the opportunity of driving traffic to the site. It creates attention to the business and content that has been uploaded.

Content isn’t just writing – you can use photos and then link them together, this can also be done through YouTube videos. This makes the content more authentic in Google. In addition, it helps to create CTA’s to help enhance the clickability of a site which can generate more sales. Discover SEO.